Recycling Software Done Right

Shon Apr 18

Why ScrapRight Recycling Software

Compliance and affordability aren’t always easy to mesh together in the scrap yard industry. Business owners are concerned with cost and customer service and need software that is designed just for the scrap industry. Why you should choose ScrapRight's software:

  • User friendly and easy to learn
  • Designed for the scrap industry
  • Integrate user friendly touch screens
  • Inventory management
  • Compliance protocols at a reasonable price
  • Much more...

Inventory control and management are essential in scrap yard management. ScrapRight's recycling software offers easy training for employees who have little or no experience in similar software programs or inventory management. Our software can also be used at several locations. On-screen ticket wizard guides includes a display of the actual ticket while it is being entered by the operator to ensure accuracy.

Added features that help display information include graphs, charts and grids. You can re-grade materials, create packages and barcode labels, quotes and contracts. The rules of compliance are built into the software. Visual cues show whether a ticket is in compliance or not as it is entered. This creates an easy production of state reports and performing automatic uploads to government agencies. Compliance with all 50 states also helps you to expand your business or use the software at multiple locations.

Easy access is available to bring up saved images of inventory and customer information. Driver’s License scanning is easier with automatic editable customer file creation after each license is scanned. Compliance is increased with the ability to track information such as driver licenses and ID’s, images of products and customers, vehicle information, payment tracking and delay payments.

The cashier can take a customer’s picture at the cashier window with an IP camera. Digital signature and fingerprint capture capability is included as well. You can save all customer signatures digitally and print the signature the receipt.

The hardware that accompanies recycling software programs can be in the form of wall mount or industrial kiosks or for traditional PC users. Apps for IPhones and Androids are also available.

Price options are available for scrap yards of all sizes and budgets. Request a demo today for more information on how ScrapRight can help you. 877.897.6422