The Constant Headaches Of Compliance - Not Anymore

Derek Apr 30

Obtaining compliance for your recycling program is a major challenge, but the right tools can help you to streamline the process significantly. ScrapRight is an excellent metal recycling software program that is suitable for most recycling centers and scrap metal centers in the United States and beyond to use. It provides you with computer-based and mobile applications that can be utilized to simplify the process of obtaining and maintaining compliance. With its many functional features and user-friendly platform, it may be the ideal tool for you to use in your company.

ScrapRight is a metal recycling software program that provides you with cutting edge, user-friendly features. The software has an on-screen wizard that helps employees to ensure that they have all of the information they need, and with its simplified layout, training is minimal. Your employees can walk through the information on the screen to ensure that they don’t overlook or forget anything when filling out a ticket. The compliance rules for all U.S. states and international locations are loaded into the software, and the software allows you to take pictures of each customer, obtain identification numbers and other information that may be necessary in certain areas for compliance. The program also enables your company to better serve your customers. All information necessary can be obtained quickly and easily so that customers are served in the best possible way while also reducing or eliminating errors.

You may think that a metal recycling software program that was designed with scrap metal and recycling center businesses in mind would cost a fortune. However, ScrapRight is designed to be fully functional for all environments and can assist with the user compliance issues that many businesses like yours face. What’s best, though, is that it is entirely affordable to purchase. The up-front cost is affordable, and businesses can also take advantage of monthly payment options and lease options to make it even more affordable for you to implement the use of this software.

If you believe that you may benefit from the use of ScrapRight software, contact the company today for a free consultation . Through the consultation, you can get your questions about the software program answered and can determine if it will address the challenges with compliance that your company is facing today, call 877.897.6422