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sd Oct 06
CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Twenty-Twenty-One has been a record year for the number of new installations for ScrapRight Software. As yards look for opportunities to improve the efficiency of their scrap management operations, they have turned to ScrapRight more than any other software provider. "ScrapRight is a well thought-out software. Our efficiency has quadrupled, and inventory, profit management, and payouts are a breeze," says Alexa D. of Berks Container Recovery in PA.

On pace to eclipse 120 new locations this year alone, ScrapRight's leadership has been in overdrive enhancing its hosting infrastructure, improving code, and placing the right personnel into key positions to ensure that the company will be well equipped to continue its growth and be able to support the massi... read more

dp Apr 05
How to create a Texas Cash Card in iScrapRight.
dp Dec 01
Upload pricing by spreadsheet CSV bulk pricing upload
sd Nov 11

The Azure environment that houses the ScrapRight application software is comprised of multiple servers to allow for optimal response, security, and performance. The basic infrastructure is designed around web services talking to backend SQL servers in a Microsoft Active-Directory security model.

The servers are optimized for the function they serve – SQL for transactions and Web for data caching and speed. The servers are not only optimized for compute properties but for bandwidth and IOPs; which is critical in the Azure environment and a major departure from the older on premise model.

All the servers share the same regional back-net and full backups. We also replicate to another region for added redundancy and disaster recovery. As an added level of response and performance we have a... read more

dp Sep 25

How to Setup Users for My Billing

dp Sep 10

Creating Finished Goods after sorting Bullet Brass / Tungsten Carbide

dp Sep 09

Ufill Asset Dispatching

rd3 Aug 14

We wanted to reach out about a few updates on how we are moving forward in this fast-paced tech world. To fully adapt to cloud-based architecture and the benefits we can do with cutting edge IoT features, we are going to be eliminating support of older and outdated hardware. 

This means that ScrapRight will start phasing out the functionality of these devices within the software as well as no longer provide over-the-phone support for these older hardware models. We are offering very competitive upgrade pricing on each of the devices and as long as they are purchased from us, we'll handle the install and setup for you.

The following items will be phased out:
- Windows 7 Operating System
- Snapshell Driver's License Scanners
- Comboscan Driver's License Scanners
- Topaz Signa... read more