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Randy Davis Jan 28
There are many different ways you can pay out a ticket in ScrapRight - here are a few...
Shon Duty Jan 28
Did you know that ScrapRight is the only Scrap & Recycling Software to offer a fully compliant iPad app that can be used onsite or ofiste as a workstation and you can meet all of your compliance needs? Watch this
Shon Duty Jan 28
Do you need to end life on vehicles? Does uploading to NMVTIS take too long? Would you like to automate the process and make life easy? Watch this
Hairon Paulino Jan 28
Licencias De Conducir
Shon Duty Jan 21
Here is a 40,000-foot view of the Ticketing Screen, every feature, every option... Take a look
Randy Davis III Jan 21
Check out how IP Camera's work in ScrapRight
Shon Duty Jan 21


Managing your cash drawer and closing out/balancing at night has never been easier. Managing accountability for employees as well... Watch


Shon Duty Jan 21
Want a faster way to log in and log out, how about wanting to lock the screen when you walk away or have an auto timeout? In ScrapRight you can!
Derek Paulo Jan 15
Does your state, county or city require you to delay payments for compliance reasons on certain commodities? Were you wondering how you could possibly manage a complex process like that? Let ScrapRight take the difficulty out of all of your payment needs to incude "Delay Pay" watch this short explainer video!
Shon Duty Jan 15
Do you know exactly what your employees did every step of the way while creating a ticket? Do you know if there was a manager override? A Price change? A weight Change? Are you sure that the material selected was what was in the picture or have confidence that the weight on the ticket is what read in from the scale head? If you would like complete and total accountability for each of your employees and customers, with ScrapRight you can!Watch this!
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