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shon Dec 15
Leads Online is Now Required in Georgia! Georgia has recently adopted new compliance rules that could seriously affect your ability to conduct business.  Georgia law now requires yards to submit transactions to Leads Online for scrap metal sales data.  Let ScrapRight take care of this and ALL your other compliance requirements! Call an expert ScrapRight consultant today and schedule a demo to see for yourself how easily ScrapRight Software can get you ready for compliance and do so much more! (877) 897-6422 Affordable Solutions for Every yard! Solutions as low as $199/mo on approved credit Get compliant now for as little as $9498 Other Compliance Rules for Georgia: > Driver's License > Vehicle Plate and Description > Digital Image of the Materials > Signature > Seller...; read more
dp Jan 21
ScrapRight and the iScrap App have partnered so that our software can work together at your yard, to help manage your materials and keep your customers updated online. You can manage your business with ScrapRight and your advertising with the iScrap App.  Being cost effective is one of the selling propositions that the iScrap App continues to spread. However you look at it monthly or annually, iScrapApp's cost CANNOT be beat by any other advertising program that’s available for you to use. Learn more by visiting their site at ...; read more
Derek Jul 11
If you have made the decision to invest in salvage yard inventory software , you may understandably be searching for the best software solution available . For many companies like yours, the perfect solution is one that has functional features that provide a real benefit to the user and that is also affordable to purchase. Of course, it would be a true benefit if you could find a software program with these features that also has an easy user interface. The fact is that when other companies like yours have explored the options available, they have overwhelmingly made the decision to begin using ScrapRight as their preferred software solution. You may be wondering why ScrapRight is the salvage yard inventory software solution that is so often selected, and one of the reasons is because it is h...; read more
Shon Jul 08
As a salvage yard owner or business manager, you fully understand all of the hassles and headaches associated with running your business on a daily basis. One of the most stressful aspects associated with running this type of business relates to keeping up with the salvage yard inventory. The inventory fluctuates on a regular basis due to incoming inventory as well as sales or recycling efforts that are made. If you have been looking for a better solution to managing your inventory , you should take a closer look at what ScrapRight can do for you. ScrapRight is an innovative software solution that is designed to revamp and improve the way you do business, and it has been designed specifically for those who are in your line of work. Whether you are trying to keep up with salvage yard inventor...; read more
Derek Jun 29
One of the best steps that scrap metal business owners and managers can take today is to spend time learning how they can implement the latest industry technology to their benefit. The fact is that the right scrap metal recycling software can improve your business operations in many ways, and for many businesses like yours, ScrapRight is the mobile software solution that is the perfect option to consider. When you are looking for the best scrap metal recycling software for your business, you want to pay close attention to its features and functions. One of the key reasons why ScrapRight is the most popular option available today is because it is fully functional in both an office environment and in the field. In the office, the PC and laptop software provides you with a simplified way to tr...; read more
Shon Jun 24
When you are choosing the right recycling app for your needs, it is imperative that you choose a program that is fully functional as well as user-friendly. ScrapRight is becoming more widely known in the recycling industry, and in fact, several hundred companies like yours are already using this software solution. While it may be convenient to use your software program in the office from a laptop or PC from time to time, there are other times when you need mobile access to your software solutions. Taking a laptop or PC out into the field is not ideal, but having functional features on your smartphone is far more suitable and convenient. The ScrapRight app for the smartphone is the ideal solution to consider. Like the ScrapRight software program for laptops and PCs, the recycling app is full...; read more
Derek Jun 19
Running a recycling or salvage business can be challenging in many ways. There are day to day challenges associated with keeping up with inventory and managing your budget, but there are also more significant challenges associated with keeping up with the latest regulatory changes in this industry and ensuring that your company is in compliance. One of the best steps that you can take to streamline your operations and to ensure compliance is to utilize the top recycling software program available for the industry. ScrapRight is the software solution that many business owners in the industry have already discovered, and it may be the perfect solution for your needs. There are many reasons why ScrapRight is the recycling software program that others have been choosing , and these may be factor...; read more
ISRI Jun 17
LEGISLATIVE ALERT – Action Needed June 17, 2013 Issue: We expect that S. 394, a metals theft bill unfavorable to our industry, will be brought to the floor of the U.S. Senate as early as today, using a procedure known as “hotlining” (also called “unanimous consent”) which requires each and every Senator to first give their approval to move the bill to the floor for a vote. A single objection will stop the vote from occurring and force it into “regular order” making it vulnerable to filibuster. As S.394 is not seen as a bill of major national significance and therefore not worthy of risking a filibuster, the bill would then likely be stopped from moving any further at this point, which is what we need at this time. If we learn that the bill will be br...; read more
Dear Dad, Father, Papa, Daddy, Pops, Stepdad - whatever you call the man who raised you, he helped to shape the person you are today. Dads are known for offering sage advice to their progeny, and yours was probably no exception. This week, in honor of Father's Day, we're taking a look at fatherly wisdom from famous (and some not-so-famous) men. As you read these pearls, take note of how relevant they are to sales, although many weren't intended in the context of sales or even business.  So without further ado, I offer you the wise words of many men throughout history; peppered among these, you'll also find gems from the fathers of some of my colleagues.  Believing in Yourself (Remember this Sales Tips?) Never say, "I can't." - Phillip's father Don&...; read more
Shon Jun 13
In the business world, technology has evolved to improve operations in various industries over the years, and the scrap metal and recycling industry is no different. Years ago, many companies struggled with issues related to inventory management and control, compliance assurance and even customer service. All scrap metal yards and recycling centers are required to meet certain regulatory requirements, and these vary by location. Completing tickets and work orders generally involves obtaining a considerable amount of information from customers and clients so that the yard or recycling center is in compliance. In this way, inventory control , compliance and customer services are all related. Because they are linked, many companies are already taking advantage of the latest technology availabl...; read more