ScrapRight Software makes key personnel and tech moves in preparation for massive growth projections

sd Oct 06
CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Twenty-Twenty-One has been a record year for the number of new installations for ScrapRight Software. As yards look for opportunities to improve the efficiency of their scrap management operations, they have turned to ScrapRight more than any other software provider. "ScrapRight is a well thought-out software. Our efficiency has quadrupled, and inventory, profit management, and payouts are a breeze," says Alexa D. of Berks Container Recovery in PA.

On pace to eclipse 120 new locations this year alone, ScrapRight's leadership has been in overdrive enhancing its hosting infrastructure, improving code, and placing the right personnel into key positions to ensure that the company will be well equipped to continue its growth and be able to support the massive influx of new customers.

"With the smart, aggressive work we are doing and the quality of product that we are producing, we believe we have an opportunity to capture more than half of the total share of the recycling software market in North America. We expect to put on thousands of new users in the next couple years," says Shon Duty, CEO of ScrapRight.

With this lofty goal, ScrapRight has been busy on multiple fronts. Key upgrades on the technical side include the decentralization and optimization of ScrapRight's hosting solutions along with the plug and play capabilities of hardware components brought by ongoing advances in their IoT agents. "We are implementing some exciting world-class tools and infrastructure to ScrapRight that will make the users' experience better than ever," says Randy Davis III, who was recently shifted into a pivotal role with the company. "Redundancy, blob storage and other technical upgrades will allow us to continue to achieve unprecedented uptime and levels of performance. On top of that, new administrative tools like our upcoming SRX management app will blow away owners and managers with a new level of visibility and decision-making capabilities."

Randy (often referred to as RD3) has taken quickly to the mantle of Director of IT and Support, leading a team of talented support techs. With nearly a decade of ScrapRight tech and customer support experience and a heavily customer centric approach, Randy envisions his support center outpacing all of ScrapRight's short term and long term projections, offering several support channels. Along with Randy, customer service specialist Kathy Rosario has also bolstered the team. Having served in the medical and tech industries for both the US and Latin America, she provides excellent bilingual support.

It's an exciting time for ScrapRight as they prepare for the future. For all inquiries, please contact Shon Duty at 877-897-6422,, or visit the company's websites at and

Shon Duty