CRO Software & Compology Integration

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ScrapRight & CRO Software Solutions

Partnership Review

Many of you know that Shane Duty (co-founder of Cro Software along with Dan Klufas),, is my brother and that Jordan Duty Senior and startup developer at Cro Software is my nephew. They are and have been creating great and amazing things for the asset dispatch and management industry. Tracking and maintenance has been so underserved for so long that most scrap, recycling and auto salvage guys felt they had to live with it! Well with Cro you do not have to settle. And even better now Cro is integrated into ScrapRight so that you can have the best of both worlds communicating with each other! Schedule a time with Cro and with Scrapright to see how this ground breaking and first of its kind partnership can better serve your needs today!
~ Shon Duty


Compology provides container monitoring software for waste haulers to streamline operations, enhance customer service and simplify analysis. Our software is powered by camera-based sensors that automatically track fullness, location and motion. Track your assets and performance metrics to keep an edge over the competition. Whether you’re in operations or sales, use their cloud-based dashboard to help your business grow.