12 Pack Touch Screen Cleaning Wipes



Screen wipes are Alcohol and Ammonia free, Anti-Static, Non-Flammable, and Made in the USA.

POS & LCD Cleaning Wipes

The easy, safe way to clean your POS touch screen or LCD display


   * These specialy formulated cleaning wipes are all you need to safely clean sensitive POS, PDA, LCD, and CRT touch screens and computer monitors.

   * The RR Wet-And-Dry-Wipe-kit cleans and protects the displays and touch screen devices at your business or home, or while traveling. The package measures just 3"x 2" when folded, making it easy to store or carry.

   * The pre-moistened, lint-free, non-abrasive wet pad cleans and applies static protection and has enough non-streaking cleaning solution to clean two 15" screen surfaces.

   * The highly absorbent, non-scratching, lint-free dry wipe safely removes residue and foreign debris, leaving your screen optically clear.


When taking care of your POS, LCD, or touch screen devices:

Don't use tap water or mineral water as they could leave white marks on the screen because of the dissolved salts.

Don't use paper towels or any type of cloth that is not lint-free, as they can leave residue or even scratch the display.

Don't spray liquid directly on the screen. Apply liquid to a cloth and then wipe the screen.

Don't use Windex or any other glass cleaner that contains ammonia or alcohol, as they can degrade the LCD panel.

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