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Shon Duty Feb 23

Many of you know that Shane Duty, co-founder of Cro Software, is my brother

And that Jordan Duty Senior and startup developer at Cro Software is my nephew

They are and have been creating great and amazing things for the Assett Dispatch and Management industry from Port a Potties to Scrap dispatch, tracking and maintenance has been so underserved for so long that most scrap, recycling and auto salvage guys felt they had to live with it! Well with Cro you do not have to settle. And even better now Cro is integrated into ScrapRight so that you can have the best of both worlds communicating with each other!

Schedule a time with Cro and with Scrapright to see how this ground breaking and first of its kind partnership can better serve your needs today!

Shon Duty

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Shon Duty Feb 23

2018, what an amazing and crazy year. 

ScrapRight saw amazing growth and continued optimism from business owners in our economy and the markets.

ScrapRight moved into full force with our cloud-hosted option, started in 2017 and perfected with a few willing and friendly new clients such as Scrap Partners,, and The Recycling Centers,, who really helped us to mold an excellent product in the cloud!

ScrapRight also completed a brand new, and totally written from the ground up, iOS app. The ScrapRight App can work stand alone for small mom and pops or for on the road buyers such as catalytic converter buyers, core buyers and especially for CRV and Hi5 Centers, see this video, amazing at ho... read more

Shon Duty Feb 23

SR-X, Scrapright at 10 Years old

Looking back on ten years of amazing success and looking forward to the future of our industry and maintaining industry leadership.

SRX, an early naming given to the new version of ScrapRight that has been under wraps for two years and that we are planning on releasing in the next 18 – 24 months.

A completely brand new product from the ground up, written in the latest .Net with too many new features and focuses to discuss.

The point in even bringing it up now is that we have enjoyed TEN years, 10! Wow! Of being the newest and the best in the industry, the latest and the greatest, the Fastest and the shiniest, the one with all the new bells and whistles! 

You have made us the fastest growing and one of, if not the, largest Scrap & Recycling softwar... read more

Derek Paulo Feb 11

Do you buy multiple packages from your floor scale or from your fork scale and want to reflect on the ticket how many packages comprised the inbpound weight? Here you go!

Randy Davis III Feb 11
Do you ever find yourself multi tasking and not realizing someone is on the truck scale? Wouldn't it be great if the Truck Scale told you, "Hey I have someone over here waiting on you" Check this out!
Shon Duty Feb 08

You have to watch how fast this ticketing system is for buying Scrap!

Hi5 buyers, CRV buyers your gonna want this!

Randy Davis Jan 28
Would you like to build an unlimited number of price lists in ScrapRight and assign them to customers or customer groups? Did you ever have a need to build prcing based on an Index such as COMEX or LME? Watch now...
Randy Davis Jan 28
There are many different ways you can pay out a ticket in ScrapRight - here are a few...
Shon Duty Jan 28
Did you know that ScrapRight is the only Scrap & Recycling Software to offer a fully compliant iPad app that can be used onsite or ofiste as a workstation and you can meet all of your compliance needs? Watch this
Shon Duty Jan 28
Do you need to end life on vehicles? Does uploading to NMVTIS take too long? Would you like to automate the process and make life easy? Watch this