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dp Nov 07

Outbound Ticketing - Bale Shipments

dp Oct 30

The Outbound Ticket Screen is an easy way to create shipments.

DeAnne Toto Oct 28

In response to the closure of nearly 300 rePlanet sites throughout California that handled California Redemption Value (CRV) containers, including aluminum cans (UBCs) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and glass bottles, California has enacted emergency legislation in the form of Assembly Bill 54 (AB 54) designed to assist recyclers in filling the void created by these closures. Although this legislation provides $5 million to help address the issues that have arisen in California’s CRV system, it does not help recycling center operators efficiently run their day-to-day operations, according to ScrapRight, a Waynesboro, Pennsylvania-based company that provides software to the recycling industry.

The company says it is offering its iScrapRight software package at a low rate to ... read more

dp Oct 17

How to Use iScrapRight to replace your Catalytic Converter Tick Sheets

Shon Duty Oct 16
  • California CRV is finished! Or is it just the beginning of a bigger, better and cleaner state recycling program?

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Governor Gavin Newsom would cry the latter, which is why he is funneling a lot of California Taxpayer money, betting on its future!


Well, what is new and bold in this industry?

No alt text provided for this image a long time Scrap & Recycling industry partner with a very new and exciting product and price point.

First the new product.

An app to help CRV buyers remain compliant, move quickly and not spend hours on reports after work.

Wikipedia defines CRV as

California Redemption Value (CRV), also known as California Refund Value, is a regulatory fee[1] paid on recyclable beverage containers in California.

The state has over the years has become very onerous a... read more

dp Oct 09

Allows your customers to earn points based on the amount of materials they bring in. Allows you to reward them when they reach a certain point total. Encourages repeat business and customer loyalty

dp Oct 08

If you ship to consumers who fulfill by the number of loads sent instead of by weight, this feature could be useful to you

dp Oct 08

Choose your default AP Settlement and how to select another format on the fly 

dp Oct 08

How To Customize the Order of Materials on Your Pricelists

dp Aug 20

Buy more cars with this awesome vehicle quoter from ScrapRight Software. Put your very own quoter on your own website. Check out this video to learn more!