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Derek Paulo Jan 15
Does your state, county or city require you to delay payments for compliance reasons on certain commodities? Were you wondering how you could possibly manage a complex process like that? Let ScrapRight take the difficulty out of all of your payment needs to incude "Delay Pay" watch this short explainer video!
Shon Duty Jan 15
Do you know exactly what your employees did every step of the way while creating a ticket? Do you know if there was a manager override? A Price change? A weight Change? Are you sure that the material selected was what was in the picture or have confidence that the weight on the ticket is what read in from the scale head? If you would like complete and total accountability for each of your employees and customers, with ScrapRight you can!Watch this!
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Shon Duty Jan 11

Have you ever wanted to order the materials in a different order than what they appear on your ticketing screen? Would you like to Pull out Aluminum Cans or others to be a hot button right on the main ticketing screen? Well here is a quick explainer video on how to do that in ScrapRight! Enjoy!


Material_Button_Hotkey_Placement from ScrapRight Software on Vimeo.

Shon Duty Jan 11
Here is a quick explainer how to video on creating packages in ScrapRight
Randy Davis III Jan 11
Here is how you can electronically capture fingerprints in scrapright for company polcies or for state reporting compliance needs.
Jan 11
Do you have a need or reason, or even a compliance law or ordinance that limits you from performing transactions inside of certain business hours? Here is a quick video to show you how to set that up!
Derek Paulo Jan 11
Here is a quick video for all of you Auto and Scrap Vehicle Buyers and how you can utilize ScrapRight's ATM to prepay your drivers before they leave to go pick up vehicles. This will give you complete accountability for your cash purchases while keeping the money in a ULE Overnight Rated Safe and dispensing directly to the driver responsible to go pick up the vehcile.Many of our yards are faced with the complexity of knowing how much cash they have, who has it and settling up at the end of the day! Say goodbye to hours of work after you close trying to figure this out! Use ATM Pre-Dispense for Scrap Vehicle Buying along with ScrapRight!
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Shon Duty Jan 11
Here is a quick overview of your ScrapRight Dashboard! Enjoy!
Randy Davis III Jan 11
Enjoy this short and easy video about Scanning Drivers Licenses and adding a new customer to a ScrapRight Ticket!
Zach Kees Jan 11
How to use a tablet as your signature pad and always be ready to capture a signature in ScrapRight!